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We will be looking at many different stones over the course of the coming weeks, showing how they interact with your chakra system, physical body and spiritual self. Along the way, we want to hear from you. Do you have a specific concern that you want to create a talisman for? Is there a loved one in your life you want to help find their path? Maybe you have questions about clearing and charging your crystals. We will of course cover much of this here, but we realize, sometimes the answer can’t wait. Feel free to come in to Beads Etc., give us a call, or message us. We would love to answer any questions that you may have.

Love is in The Air

By: Jill Tuttle

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Love is in the air, has anyone else noticed? I think Valentine’s Day is hitting us all much earlier this year. The advantage for us, as beaders and jewelry makers, is that we can start thinking early about projects we want to make for those we love this Valentine’s Day.
What type of love do you want to express or attract this year? Love comes in so many amazing forms! Of course, for most of us, it is the passion filled, deep hearted love that we think of when it comes to Valentine’s Day. We see the romance novel covers, and imagine a love that never ends, even beyond death for all those vampire fans out there.

In researching what many call Love Stones, what fascinated me was how many of them were not the traditional Red or Pink color we associate with Valentine’s Day. In truth, you can use nearly any color of stone in relation to love. Some may help you overcome old wounds making you more open to receive love, some help with forgiveness, some express unconditional love, some solidify fidelity, and others aid in attracting love.

The rainbow of Love Stones include Red Coral, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Rhodocrosite, Orange/ Brown Amber, Green Adventurine and Malachite, Blue Sodalite, Lapis, and Sapphire, Yellow Citrine, Purple Amethyst and Flourite, Milky Moonstone, even Black Obsidian has a place on this list.

So, how do you know what to choose for your special Valentine? Rose Quartz is the go to for the Love Stone crowd. Its main purpose is to present unconditional love. Great for a parent to present to a child, but equally appropriate for you to use in a gift for someone you are in a committed relationship with. The pale pink color of the stone is less intimidating to new loves than a bright or dark red may be. Added with other stones, Rose Quartz will amplify the vibration, making both stones more potent.

  • Red Coral is used specifically to bolster romantic love. Not recommended for those you wish to keep in the Friend Zone.
  • Rhodonite is for all of you wishing to heal a broken heart or begin the process of forgiveness. If you are in a troubled relationship, this is a great stone to carry or give your partner. It will give you a sense of calm, and help you have a moment of clarity in troubled times so you can make a clear choice.
  • Rhodochrosite is a self love stone and it will help you face things you may not have been ready to face in the past.
  • Amber is used for marital and romantic love. Because it reduces stress it tends to help with resolution of disagreements and opens you up to understanding both sides of any situation.
  • Adventurine is great for mature love. It is not a stone for the start of a relationship but is wonderful for someone you have been committed to over a long time. It helps clear the heart chakra and protects the heart from unintended hurt.
  • Malachite is useful for clearing away hurtful memories, allowing space for new love to come along. It improves your intuition to build confidence in new situations.
  • Sodalite is a variegated blue stone very useful for improved communication. It brings clarity not only between people, but within yourself. It is a stone of truth and promotes honesty. Love blossoms most strongly in an environment of honest commitment. This stone is excellent for developing a strong bond founded in true connection.
  • Lapis is another truth stone. It aids in your understanding of your true nature and personal path and so will allow you to be yourself in any relationship. When concern exists regarding the choices you are making, Lapis can bring clarity. If your partner is shy, or you are, Lapis is your stone to overcome that obstacle. Fidelity is enhanced by Lapis.
  • Blue Sapphire is used for new relationships. It is a common engagement ring stone because of this. This stone is also very helpful for long distance relationships. It encourages commitment and fidelity. If you can find matching stones, each partner should have an item made.
  • Citrine is great to bring joy and confidence into someone’s life. Where there is love, there should be joy. Citrine will also enhance self esteem.
  • Our old friend Amethyst is included here. Remember this is a stone that enhances any other stone added to it and also brings a sense of calm. Including Amethyst is always a good plan.
  • Flourite is for artistic expression as well as imagination. It will bring creativity to your relationship. If you feel your love life has gotten a bit stale, try setting some fluorite around then watch how things change.
  • Moonstone gathers the Lunar energy. It is a stone of sexual energy as well as passion. Combine with Flourite and you have a powerful combination for improving your sex life. Moonstone brings passion for your partner and a zest for life.
  • Obsidian is included here because it aids in the removal of old tears. Black Obsidian is also known as Apache Tears. If there is a past hurt in your relationship you are seeking to heal, add Black Obsidian to your piece. Green or Rainbow Obsidian helps sever old love connections. Sometimes, it is about moving on and this is when you need Green or Rainbow Obsidian.

There are many other stones that promote love, Opal and Pearls are good general stones. Topaz is good for spiritual love as well as attracting true love. Red Ruby is good for passionate, romantic love. Whatever stone you choose to present your love on Valentine’s Day, remember there are many forms love can take, each as necessary for a full life as the other. Love yourself and love each other. That is what Valentine’s Day reminds me to do.

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Come on in, we can help you create an amazing piece for someone you love!

**Please remember, we cannot guarantee any results with the use of stones listed in this blog. It is for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as professional advice of any kind.**


By: Jill Tuttle

You’ve all heard of Amethyst, Quartz, Ruby, Garnet and even Diamonds. Natural stones and crystals are a part of the Earth’s medicine cabinet that is gaining in popularity. Herbs, plants, spices, hot springs, and sacred vortex sites also aid in the restoration process, bringing one back to center and aligning chakras. The benefit of a natural stone or crystal is that you can wear it or carry it with you and receive benefits all day long! You might even get some complements on your ‘medicine’.

The holidays are coming and we all want to find that perfect gift for those we love. A healing talisman is one that can change a life, but searching through all the information and finding the right stones and crystals can feel overwhelming but we are here to help you help your loved ones and yourself on the road to healing and revitalization.

So, let’s get right to it then. Your first companion will be: Amethyst.

It is a clear to deep purple stone found mainly in Brazil, Uruguay, India, Madagascar and South Africa, Amethyst is a great all around healer. It calms the nerves and creates a sense of inner peace. This stone is always a good foundation stone to start your talisman as it benefits nearly anyone who wears it. It also enhances the energy of other crystals.

It is associated with the Brow or Third Eye Chakra as well as the Crown Chakra. What does that mean for you? The Chakra system effects your mind, your spirit and your physical body, so it’s a key to well being.

The Brow Chakra, situated slightly above the eyes in the middle of your forehead, effects how we relate to the outside world as well as our inner self. Intuition resides here. It’s the gatekeeper of the Chakra system, so when it is open, you are able to keep the entire system in alignment. Amethyst allows the Brow Chakra to remain open and helps us find a kinder heart when dealing with our own shortcomings and those of others.

Are you interested in extending your clairvoyant skills (another of the Brow Chakras many skills)? Amethyst is a great stone for you! Other stones you may want to pair with Amethyst when working on the Brow Chakra will be Moonstone, Labradorite, and Purple Flourite.

The Crown Chakra, just above your head, is the center of communication with the higher realms. It is your understanding, the hub of your connection to spirit, and aids in your search for deeper purpose and meaning. Amethyst, though generally seen as a violet stone, can be found in paler hues, because of this, it is excellent for the Crown Chakra. Want to change the world and make it a more peaceful future? Use Amethyst along with Quartz, White Jade, or even Diamonds to help open your Crown Chakra.

The Amethyst is valuable in helping one deal with loss and helping find a path through grief. It is a powerful protector for travelers, lessens homesickness, and aids in favorable legal outcomes.

One of the most well known uses of Amethyst has lead to its alternately being known as the Sobriety Stone. It has long been revered as a stone that deters drunkenness, however it can be used to lessen any addictive or obsessive behaviors. Additionally, the following physical ailments may be benefitted from the use of Amethyst: Headaches (including Migraines), Insomnia, Arthritis, Pain Relief, Endocrine System Problems, Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Immune System Issues, Asthma, Fears and Phobias, Diabetes, Bacterial Infections, Pregnancy, Menopause, PMS, and generally for the bones, stomach, skin, liver, teeth, and heart.*

The power to bring calm and peace that this stone exudes makes it one of the most universally useful stones when you are not certain what to buy.

**Please remember, we are not physicians and cannot claim any stone will prevent or cure any illness. While we ascribe to these uses, this is not meant as prescriptive or healthcare information.**

The Quality

By: Charles Jackson

Is there really a difference between the type of beads out there? Does it matter? There are differences and it does matter! This can determine the life and durability of the beads! Here are some things to consider when investing in the beads that are available:

As with diamonds, colored gemstones are valued and rated with the 4 C's: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. Once the gemstone has been evaluated on these four criteria, a final grade is given to the gem. The final grade falls on a scale of AAA - D, with AAA being near perfect and D being a poor quality gemstone.

What the Gemstone Grades Mean

A Rating: An A rated gemstone is a good quality gemstone. The gem is well cut, has a good transparency and lets light through, with very little inclusions. For top quality gemstones, there is also an AA and AAA rating. These ratings are reserved for exceptional gems, especially with precious stones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Semi-precious stones such as amethyst and garnet seem to pass more easily with AA rating.

B Rating: B rated gemstones have a minor o light inclusions, and the color of the stone isn't the optimal color The stone is still transparent, however, and many B quality stones are still used for smaller gemstones in jewelry.

C Rating: C rated gemstones have visible inclusions, as well as portions that are not entirely transparent. The translucency does not allow as much light to pass through, which makes these stones less sparkly and more flat (dull) to the eye. C rated gemstones are rarely used in larger sizes, and are sometimes used as chip stones in pave and micro pave sizes.

D Rating: D rated gemstones are heavily included, obviously translucent and allow minimal light through. D rated gemstones are suitable for use as cabochons or rock-like pieces, but do not have a high value.